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I Am A Grown Ass Man!

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Young Ass Man














Grown Ass Man














Middle Aged Ass Man



Lil Penny Presents

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lil-penny-in-nyc-1The two best stories from the sports world this weekend, brought to you by Lil Penny.

u1It’s all good in the hood as the U rolls on to victory over Chief Sitting Proactiv (because Sam Bradford used to have acne, is of Native American heritage and is sitting on the bench) and the leaderless Sooners.

jacory_mediumThe Louis Vuitton Ascot he’s rocking is the sole reason the Canes are headed to a BCS game this year.

Second awesome story of the weekend:

Click here to see Ben Roesthlisberger in top form.

Big Ben hosting Raw last night was awesome and I just wish they showed Raw on sunday nights to compete with the obnoxious NBC game.

Skip to the 7:30 mark to see the real gold moments and make sure and watch the first linked video too so as to get the full awesomeness of last night’s Raw.