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Hungover News

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I was going to try and post something that was movie related and insightful, but as is often the case on Sundays, my hangover dictates I not try very hard today. So should I write a breakdown of weekend box office numbers or a discussion of why you shouldn’t see Prince of Persia (spoiler alert: the movie sucks)? As previously stated, I’m hungover and only have an hour or two before I need to start drinking again (come on, it’s a slap in the face to our armed forces if I don’t) so you will not receive the usual mindless hate speech genius I provide. What you will receive is a collection of Kenny Loggins album covers that I think are funny.

Unicorns, man-babies, robes, butterflies... There's a lot to take in here, so enjoy it responsibly.

I think he makes the one kid wear a drum on his head because he couldn't keep the beat. Kenny may love singing with children, but he hates singing with children that can't give him a consistent backbeat for his acoustic sets.

This is breathtaking. It's either a profound statement on pan-religious understanding and the musical path to self actualization or it's a jumble of new age shit from a guy who was doing a lot of coke in the 80's.

I think that's the ghost of Sacagawea in the shadows of the foreground.

I'm not positive this is Kenny Loggins but it was on the first page of the google image search so it must be true.

He's either covered in dirt or has a fine sheath of hair covering his entire body (ed. note: jealous).

Oh this is just classic Kenny...a candid look into the man behind the music

Robes and flannel appear to be the clothing best matched with the Jesus facial hair style Kenny has wisely chosen.

This seems to be an appropriate image to end on. Although I disagree with the premise of this album where it says this is the "essential" songs of Kenny Loggins, which is fine but it does imply that songs not on this album would be non-essential. Whereas I would describe every song he's ever written and/or performed as essential.