Well friends, I thought this Friday the 13th would be all tricks and ghouls, but it appears Zeus and the gods have a bit of a treat in store today… As I’m sure most, if not all of you, follow Mr. Kutcher’s Twitter page religiously you have already heard this news.

But let us take a moment to really sit back and consider how great it will be to see Ashton Kutcher’s face every where… on subway trains, billboards, and probably even crude carvings in bus station bathroom stalls (I’ll be doing those). God forbid you want a CBS Sports broadcast without seeing 26 promos for this week’s zany episode.

I hope at all times I have access to a countdown clock alerting me as to how much time I have remaining to straighten my affairs as I might literally die laughing while watching.

I’d comment on how I think they’ll write him onto the show or discuss his chemistry but who cares. I certainly wasn’t watching before and I’m contended to continue to turn an apathetic eye roll to the show. Although, I do have one suggestion to recast the half man…

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