NFL Draft 2011 in Pictures

There are countless perks to being the editor-in-chief of the most prestigious Jeff Goldblum blog on the intertrons. Women flock, men envy, nerds bow. So I’m sitting in my apartment burning my mouth on a hotpocket (yes, again) out eating lunch with Kanye when my phone rings, and it’s Roger Goodell, convo goes something like this:

Me answering the phone

Seth Brundle: Go for Grubs…

Roger Goodell: Brundle, hey butty!

SB: Rodge! You chode! What’s crappening?

RG: Nada, amigo, just watching Real World/Road Rules Challenge The Inferno 2 wrap up show, countin’ fat stacks of cash.

SB: Ha, classic Goodell. What can I do ya fer?

RG: Dude, I missed your blood orgy/American Idol viewing party, I’m feelin’ like a real jerkoff for that. Wanna make it up to ya.

SB: Go on…

RG: Come to the draft next week, all access.

SB: Totes.

RG: Bring my copy of The Pest with you, L8tr Sk8tr.

So here’s your exclusive Brundlefly recap of the 2011 NFL Draft!

Wednesday, Draft Dress Rehearsal

I arrived a bit early on wednesday to see that Roger was experimenting with ways to mix up the live show because of the Thursday primetime airing of the first round. One idea they tried that I thought was absolute gold was having a co-host to announce picks,

Apparently test audiences thought the Ultimate Warrior brought a little too much energy to the table.

I also got a chance to interview Falcons GM, Comrade Commissar Thomas Dimitroff,

But my Russian is a little rusty, so I don’t really know what he said to me, but I think he might have called me a capitalist pig a few times.

Thursday, First Round

Blah blah Cam Newton whatever who cares.

Before their first round selection, the Giants let me into the inner sanctum, pulled back the curtain to let me see how the fudge is packed on draft day.

The Gwar room was a beehive of activity on Draft day.

And with their first selection the Giants took Prince Akeem Amukamara of Zamundi!

Friday, Second and Third Rounds

I spent most of Friday in Bill Belichick’s personal draft office,

Wes Welker never misses one of Belichick's "draft strategy meetings"

I wish I had more to report but I went out that night with Adam Schefter, and though he may look like a tightly wound professional reporter, there’s a dark side…

And this is the last thing I remember…

Well, that wraps up all of the things I remember from NFL Draft 2011. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Until next time, Seth Brundle, signing off.

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