Stallone to launch clothing line!!

Stallone wear is going to be a new line of clothing by  the man that we at Brundlefly firmly believe is a God-King.  Obviously, I support anything that Stallone does. That I may one day lather myself up with Stallone scented body wash and dress head to toe in his clothing would truly be a dream come true.

Very fashion forward type guy

Stallone says he’s basing the line on his most famous roles/heroes Rocky and Rambo. With Rambo, I’m concerned because Rambo wears a shirt for about seven minutes combined in all four films. And that shirt when it is rarely worn, is a black sleeveless or drab grey. I’m not saying these are not the apex of sartorial excellence, but one does struggle to see what inspiration can be had from it. Also, from Rocky, one item needs to make it into the clothing line, no question in my mind:

Rocky’s tiger themed leather jacket. I’m picturing scores of men in every city wearing this along with Rocky’s signature fingerless gloves.

Also mentioned in the article is that Stallone’s next project is The Expendables 2. More fantastic news. I feel like Stallone really does get it. He understands what his fans want, he loves making the movies we love, and this symbiosis is just wonderful.

Stallone checking out fashion week to get some ideas for his own line. Coming to department stores in 2012.

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