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Best Product Ever. And a Full Apology.

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As some of you may remember, I once ridiculed animals wearing sunglasses as ridiculous. However, after stumbling upon a badass, real world application of Doggles, I am ready to change my mind. Allow me to blow your mind: are you aware that there are dogs in the Middle East working with the US Military that hunt terrorists and wear sunglasses while doing it?! Terrorist hunting, shade wearing dogs!! (click to enlarge)

Are you effing kidding me??

Allow me to fully apologize for saying that dogs wearing sunglasses was a ridiculous notion, because clearly, it is the most awesome invention in terrorist hunting since water boarding. Doggles are the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.


Stallone to launch clothing line!!

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Stallone wear is going to be a new line of clothing by  the man that we at Brundlefly firmly believe is a God-King.  Obviously, I support anything that Stallone does. That I may one day lather myself up with Stallone scented body wash and dress head to toe in his clothing would truly be a dream come true.

Very fashion forward type guy

Stallone says he’s basing the line on his most famous roles/heroes Rocky and Rambo. With Rambo, I’m concerned because Rambo wears a shirt for about seven minutes combined in all four films. And that shirt when it is rarely worn, is a black sleeveless or drab grey. I’m not saying these are not the apex of sartorial excellence, but one does struggle to see what inspiration can be had from it. Also, from Rocky, one item needs to make it into the clothing line, no question in my mind:

Rocky’s tiger themed leather jacket. I’m picturing scores of men in every city wearing this along with Rocky’s signature fingerless gloves.

Also mentioned in the article is that Stallone’s next project is The Expendables 2. More fantastic news. I feel like Stallone really does get it. He understands what his fans want, he loves making the movies we love, and this symbiosis is just wonderful.

Stallone checking out fashion week to get some ideas for his own line. Coming to department stores in 2012.

In Memoriam: Elizabeth Taylor

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Convicted pervert, Elizabeth “Lawrence” Taylor, passed away today in Los Angeles.

The many faces of beauty, Elizabeth "Lawrence" Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor, or “LT” as her friends called her, will avoid the 6 years of probation from her recent conviction on sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute charges. These charges, alongside numerous arrests for attempted possession of crack-cocaine were an ugly scar on one of old Hollywood’s most beloved starlets.

Her star making turn came in the 1955 picture Giant, for which she was nominated for the Academy Award for best actress. She followed it up with roles in Raintree County, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, and Butterfield 8, for which she won her first Best Actress Oscar.

Liz accepting her first Academy Award

Liz won her second Oscar in 1966 for a wonderfully nuanced performance in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. Later films include The Only Game in Town opposite Warren Beatty, a brief cameo in The Waterboy and a small but highly praised role in Any Given Sunday.

Elizabeth “Lawrence” Taylor is truly an iconic figure, a symbol of a lost era of Hollywood grandeur. Her love of diamonds and jewels was notorious and is said to have only been matched by her enthusiasm for bone jarring sacks and uncut cocaine. She will truly be missed.

Tuesday Kruseday

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Don’t recognize him??? Well allow me to MAKE YOUR DAY

you’re welcome.

The Linkin Park Lawyer: A Review

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Like a phoenix from the ashes…

I googled "phoenix/ashes" and this came up, seriously.

….I (He Who Shall Remain Nameless) return to the blog. And I return with a bang, or should I say a McCaoasnansoughy (sic). That’s right folks. I checked out Wooderson’s new flick The Lincoln Lawyer last night. And despite Michael Pena’s best, er, worst effort, it was actually quite good.

"NTGUILTY" = nut guilty???

Now, just to clarify, I saw The Lincoln Lawyer, a noir thriller about a defense attorney wrestling with guilt and his conscious, not The Linkin Park Lawyer, a small film about the band’s lawyer who negotiates high-stakes deals like the band agreeing to move their iTunes price from $0.99 (is there not a cent sign on a keyboard?) to $1.29 and has to run errands like go get the honey for the lead singer to gargle after the concert because his vocal chords are so sore from basically just screaming his ass off for two hours singing beautifully.

Cute vest! Is that Kelly Osborne on it? So hot right now

Anywho, the movie was pretty good. Very solid. Matthew McConaughey picked a very good vehicle to return to acting with. The writing is sharp and the film wastes little time picking up speed and getting into the story. You can definitely get the L.A. noir feel right from the start, which I something I really enjoyed. McConaughey really shows off his acting chops that a lot of us haven’t seen since Ghosts of Girlfriends Past A Time to Kill.

Wait, so he has a bunch of dead girlfriends? What?! Is he a serial killer or something? Based off this poster the dude's in his mid-30s and has THREE dead girlfriends???

William H. Macy, Marisa Tomei and Ryan Phillipe chime in with great performances. As obnoxious as I find William H. Macy (and I find him VERY obnoxious) he still can’t hold a candle to how much Michael Pena gets on my nerves. He used to kind of bother me, but after Battle: LA, I have a personal movie vendetta against everyone who was involved in the making of that film. Even you Michelle Rodriguez! Although you showed great range in the film, playing a rough, around the edges, sassy tom girl, you still let the movie happen! You could’ve stopped it! C’mon! I’ve seen your movies, I know you’re unstoppable. Oy Vey.

Back to the film. The plot is pretty nonstop the entire movie. Kept 100% of my attention through the end. Which is where I have my only quip of the film. While I intentionally left out a lot of plot rundown in this review because it’d be hard to give it without giving away spoilers (read: I’m lazy), once you see the film you’ll know there is one point where the movie should just end. But it doesn’t. It goes on for probably another 15-20 minutes. Instead of ending with a BANG, it kind of just flutters out.

Overall a really solid movie, definitely worth checking out. More than just a good popcorn movie, pretty good thriller. It’s good to back on the blog, my partner in grime (He Who Shall Also Remain Nameless) has done some fabolus work here and I’m looking forward to seeing you all again.

Btw the camera on your laptop is on, I can see everything…My God.

That's more like it

Tuesday Cruiseday

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I guess Tom Cruise was a Delta in college?

Site News

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WordPress is kind enough to let me see the search engine terms that lead fans to my site. This sounds great, but in application, it’s quite alarming and only reinforces the opinion that the internet 10% anonymous hate speech and 90% pornography.

Top search engine words used to find Brundlefly:

black superman, robert traylor, lesbian porn, hot lesbians, skeet ulrich

I absolutely approve of all those things. I would like nothing more than for Brundlefly to be your one stop shop for all things hot lesbian and Skeet Ulrich.

-Seth Brundle