DVD Review- Hatchet II

Adam Green’s original Hatchet was a very enjoyable homage to the great slasher genre of the 80’s. Paper thin plots, gratuitous violence and supple breasts. Hatchet II is more of the same, in a good way.

The sequel continues the tale of swamp stalker Victor Crowley as he murders his way through another group of hilarious actors pretending (poorly) to be rednecks. It’s difficult to expend too much energy reviewing a film that doesn’t take itself very seriously. If you enjoyed the first Hatchet (I did) then you’ll enjoy the second one too. It ups the body count, ups the gore and throws in an enjoyably disturbing sex scene for good measure.

However, if I had a gripe it’s that I would’ve liked to see a change of locale for the film to really differentiate itself and feel less like a rehash of the first film. And that is my main criticism of Hatchet 2. It did not do anything different or better than the first movie. Which isn’t a terrible thing, but what’s the point of bothering to make a sequel if you don’t have anything new to add?

It’s an enjoyable little movie but I have a hard time recommending anything more than a light rental.

Ohai, Danielle Harris, I didn't realize the Babezone had a new resident.


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