2011 Preview with Tractor Traylor

There are a few movies I’m looking forward to getting a chance to see in 2011 and all of them are Transformers 3. Here’s a few:

The Wild Hunt
This is a Canadian flick that made the rounds and played really well at the Toronto International Film Festival and some others. I was going to jaunt up to Toronto for it but I had a huge month for pussy last September and just didn’t make it.

This one looks pretty good. No Channing Tatum, so points against there, but still could be good.

Joseph Gordon Levitt has almost made the total transition to awesome, respectable actor. This one could be the flick that puts him over the top.

This is not a trailer, just a scene from the flick but it gives you an idea what kind of badassery is in store. Hesher played to huge buzz and somewhat mixed reviews at Sundance 2010. Here’s an article from NYT about the movie. Which if you hate reading links, will be released in April of this year.

Drive Angry
If you thought there would be an entire year without six or more awesome Nic Cage movies, then clearly you have no idea how much he owes the IRS in back taxes.

Holy. Crap. I don’t think I can say anything to add to this film’s intensity and boner inducing badassery.

There’s plenty more flicks out there that we’ll be sure to keep you abreast of.

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