Chinese Officials Love “Top Gun”

I know this story has gotten some attention from real news outlets (and Fox News… Zing!!) But I wanted to cover it anyway. On a news report released by the government about an exercise by the Chinese air force there were clips of planes doing plane stuff and one of the images included in the video was borrowed from Brundlefly favorite flick Top Gun. Here’s a link to Wall Street Journal’s coverage of the hysterical story . Rookie mistake, China. Obvious mistake is using a movie that even nerdy, uncool Wall Street Journal international reporters have seen. I think there are nine people in this country that haven’t seen Top Gun; I would seriously bet that Charles Manson has seen Top Gun. My solution:

Iron Eagle 4. Problem solved. If there are nine people that haven’t seen Top Gun, then there six people that have seen Iron Eagle 4 and I’m positive the Wall Street Journal’s Chinese affairs reporter is not one of them. You could steal extended scenes of dialogue with main characters and even the title sequence that actually says “Iron Eagle 4” and no one would accuse you of anything.

Also, all of the planes and explosions in this film are stock footage anyway.

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