Charlie Whitehurst… So Hot Right Now

Watching this past week’s thrilling Sunday Night Football game, I couldn’t help but notice the super handsome Charlie Whitehurst lead his side to victory in a Thrill-A-Minute 13-6 game. After the game was over, I caught my breath and thought, “Wow, who was that majestic man-steed with a flowing mane that just made Tom Brady or Peyton Manning look like drooling vegetables in the pocket?” Two words… Charlie Whitehurst…

But, Charlie is not the first to rock the mane and beard combo. Here’s a quick look at history’s most important man-steeds.

James Brolin as seen in Amityville Horror. The man-steed is a dark and dangerous beast, which James' unfortunate family figures out pretty quick in this talkie.

Kurt Russel in The Thing. In the lonesome frontier of Antarctica, a man must rely on his beard and his beard alone.

Johnny Tapia from Bad Boys II. 'Nuff said.

Ahhh the Persian Pussy Annihilator, Oded Fehr. I read in the Times Sunday Magazine that Oded Fehr beds somewhere between 67-95 women per day. On an off day of course, holidays and days ending in 'Y' he's pretty unstoppable.

Blagh. Boston sucks. But that beard is absolutely breathtaking.

A young Charlie Manson? It's sorta like how many geniuses are also kinda weird and socially retarded, similar with Man-steeds, it's a thin line between cool mysterious and bat-shit insane anarchist.

WWE Superstar CM Punk. Straight Edge mane and tail.

This wraps up all the most important mane and beard combos in modern history.


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