Hell Yes!!

As many of you I’m sure remember, one of the very first posts on this very site was a review of a very special film. A film that very bravely told Citizen Kane to “suck it”, told The Godfather to “fondle bomb your fat wife” and suggested Stanley Kubrick should “lick [his] asshole”, to which Brett Ratner added, “fuckin’ A right”.

Take that hippies!

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus!!!!

A film so bold, so ahead of its time that only the most daring and avant garde minds could make sense of its relentless subterfuge and paradigm shattering propositions.

I’ll never fly again.

Well, nary ones to rest on their laurels, the geniuses behind this masterpiece have been hard at work on another. But would they be so crass as to merely crank out a cash cow sequel without putting their hearts and souls into the film? Well, in the famous words of Leon Phelps, “Au contraire bonjour”

No, they clearly weren’t going to let down the Megashark faithful with some half ass sequel.

Hell yes. And your idiot librarian warned not to judge a book by its cover. Well, my boner is judging this cover, and let's just say things are looking up *GONG*

Oh and did I mention who would be starring in this world beater? Oh, I didn’t yet? Well, let me fuck you up with some truth…

So to sum up. Jaleel White: check. Megashark: check. Crocosaurus: check. Carl Winslow: … I guess nothing’s perfect.

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