Top 5 Halloween Films

Well, it is perhaps my favorite holiday. Halloween. Horror films on TV, documentaries about horror films on TV, and haunted houses galore. It’s a good, good time of the year to be certain. So, in honor of the day I bring you a list of the Top 5 Horror films to watch today. One caveat before we list away: this is not a list of my top 5 horror films of all time. While there would be a few similarities, this list is merely the best films to watch and enjoy with a group of friends on Halloween.

1. The Descent

The Descent holds the crown for the most frightening film I’ve ever seen in a theater. It’s a phenomenal film for a number of reasons. Its use of light, though, is what makes the film so unsettling. The sequences in the cave are dark, claustrophobic and very intense. This is absolutely due to excellent direction. The film so perfectly executes darkness and frenetic pacing without becoming muddled or confusing. It’s an under-appreciated film that always scores well with horror fans. Enjoy.

2. The Exorcist

I’m not gonna drone on about this movie because it has received every praise from every critic and fan over the last 30 years. The movie deserves every bit of the acclaim. It’s a must watch.

3. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Here is where my list veers off the best of all time mindset and appeals more to the purpose of just fun horror films to watch on Halloween. The fourth film in the Friday the 13th series is absolutely my favorite. It has all the nostalgia of being set almost entirely on Crystal Lake (no freighter ships to New York). Also, it does give us an interesting, worthy adversary for Jason in the form of Tommy Jarvis. Great gore effects, a high body count. The Final Chapter encapsulates more than any other Friday the 13th film, all the good and delightfully bad that people appreciate in this series.

4. Halloween (Rob Zombie directed version)

Rob Zombie’s re-imagining of the horror icon is one of the best horror films in recent memory. It has all the visceral intensity that a horror film should, along with an interesting attempt to add life and history to the maniacal Michael. It’s an intense film, and really updates the dated original.

5. Child’s Play 2

Another film that would be something of a long shot to make an all time best list but serves my purposes today rather nicely. Chucky’s cackling laughter and gleeful murders are a Halloween movie fest must. Child’s Play 2 is a lot of fun to watch. Gore, early 90’s clothing, and more gore. That’s all I ask a film provide, and provide this one does.

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