The Test Results Just Came Back…

Excuse me if I’m a little choked up, but I just got off the phone with my urologist. He confirmed my worst fears. I’ve noticed for the past few weeks my jeans have been getting a little tighter, my voice a little higher and my hair a little longer and more feathered. Well, after being swabbed yesterday and running a number of tests through the night, Doc Brown called me this morning and delivered a devastating blow when he told me, “Son, it appears you’ve contracted Bieber Fever.”

I dropped the phone to the floor, speechless. Ran to my computer to check some movie news to try to get my mind off the terrible news. I figured I could do a Halloween post, maybe count down some of my favorite horror movies. Clicking through my regular run of sites I see a news tab: Never Say Never Trailer Released. “What is this? A new James Bond movie? Prequel to Connery’s Never Say Never Again?” Boy oh boy was I wrong.

James Bond it certainly was not. As I found out by clicking on the link and watching the trailer to Justin Bieber’s new documentary/self-pat on the back, Bieber Fever has a strange way of striking when you least expect it. I have so many questions after watching this trailer: Who are “they” who said he would never make it? Are we sure Justin Bieber isn’t just a girl who listens to the Indigo Girls and KD Lang? Why does Justin Bieber have a 5 o’clock shadow in this picture?

Oh jeez, I’m breaking out in hives, too much Beiber for one day! I’m gonna go get ready to do manly stuff tomorrow to try to get my fever down; drink some beer, watch some football and get my lady-killin Halloween costume together (check it out below!)


I'm going to need a stick to keep the girls from mobbing me this weekend



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