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"Hey, does anyone know which one are Mikes and, in turn, which are Ikes?"

Scream 4 Trailer!!

As only the most astute readers could have possibly guessed, I am an absolute sucker for horror films. Especially good horror films from good directors and writers. So, of course I’ll see this movie. However, I am not sure how this will turn out. Scream 3 was a little too hokey and a little too meta to be an effective horror film.

The original Scream was so welcome and so fresh because of how bad horror films were in the 90’s. Wes Craven preceded Scream with the similarly aware New Nightmare film a few years earlier. The strength of these two films were the post-modern aspects that broke the cycle of emulating the best (and worst) of 80’s slasher cinema.  There were so many horror films prior to Scream that were so trite and silly that the genre was waiting for the reinvigoration that Scream brought.

Which begs the question now of: why is this movie being made? It’s certainly not likely to smash any notions of what a horror film can and should be. The genre is doing just fine right now in fact, despite the best efforts of the Saw franchise. However, Wes Craven doesn’t have the history of being a director to make a project without anything to say. The way that Scream was inventive in its use of cell phones and pop-cultural awareness could potentially be an issue of Scream 4. I hope the film doesn’t try too hard to be self referential or culturally relevant. In other words, if Twitter is in any way a part of this film, I’m going to pass out from non-stop dismissive wanking and eye rolling.

April 2011 release date.

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