‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Big news from Batman director Chris Nolan today.

He's contemplating contemplation

In an interview with Hero Complex, Nolan discussed a precious few details on the upcoming Batman sequel. The main points:

  • No 3-D; Imax and high def cameras will be used as in Dark Knight
  • No Riddler villain, as has been rumored
  • The title will be “The Dark Knight Rises”
  • … … that’s about all

Nolan was not very forthcoming with details, which comes as a surprise to no one after seeing how Inception and Dark Knight were handled pre-release. Nolan has such creative control on this film from top to bottom that I imagine we will get just as little as before.

I love, love, love Nolan refusing to use 3-D on the film. I’m sure the studio wanted to film it in 3-D or at least post convert because of the higher revenues. Nolan, though, is in the position few directors are where he can dictate almost 100% of what happens on his films. After raking in shit-tons (actual unit of measure) of money on Dark Knight and Inception, Nolan is pretty much untouchable. The studio truly needs him more than he needs them. The cinematography was fantastic in Dark Knight and we can now expect those same sprawling shots of Gotham’s skyline in the new one.

"Why is everyone staring at us? There's ice on the ground, it's safer to walk cautiously in pairs."

I was never buying the Riddler rumors because there was no indication that it was based on anything said by Nolan. Tom Hardy has been officially (I think) attached to the project and it would be reasonable to assume he would play the villain role. Certainly enjoyed Tom Hardy in Inception, and he’s got the chops to at least try to approach Ledger’s phenomenal villainous turn. I am a little disappointed as it seems the rumors that Joseph Gordon Levitt was going to be in the film appear to be merely rumors.

Feel free to read the full interview here

Also, Nolan discussing some of the technical aspects of his filmmaking options here

I’m assuming Batman’s dick is bigger than Robin’s because Clooney’s codpiece is significantly larger. Why would they highlight the dick armor? Was everyone on set not chuckling the whole time Clooney stood around looking like he was at a German BDSM festival. However, there’s still a certain movie codpiece that beats all other movie codpieces…

His penis and right shoulder seem to be the only parts of his body with any sort of protection from injury.

This one is actually just shaped like a penis. I really hope the future is a place where a man is judged by the detail and size of his codpiece.

Also, the hands on the hips, upright posture that both men share in these photos is a direct result of the confidence boost a truly great codpiece can provide a man.

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