Elitist Bear goes to the cinema

We here at Brundlefly Entertainment are always working to bring you the best the world of movies has to offer. I’d like to take a moment to introduce a new staff member at Brundlefly… Elitist Bear!

Elitist Bear is a graduate of the prestigious Armond White School of Journalism at the University of Hard Knocks. When not reviewing films, Elitist Bear enjoys chuckling at the political anecdotes of Bill Maher and thumbing through black and white photography magazines for tasteful nudes. I am very excited to have Elitist Bear on staff. Hope you enjoy his writing as much as I do.

-Seth Brundle

CEO, Brundlefly Entertainment

Today I’d like to discuss a film that holds a place in the pantheon of classic 90’s cinema. A film that was so veracious in its depiction of baseball’s steroid era that it was mistaken for mere stagecraft by all but the most perceptive of societal observants.

By far the most stirring and poignant part of this film is the performance by the director/star Danel Stern.

Mr. Stern’s character is, on the surface, but a doltish buffoon. However, even casual contemplation on the character’s subtext reveals a shocking elucidation of the state of American society after the fall of the Soviet Paradigm that guided thinking for so long.

It is almost eerie to see the foresight on display in this film. Mr. Stern shows a resolute cognizance of what makes America such a contradiction in the post millennial era. Mr. Stern’s parading buffoonery is a meretricious foretelling of the 24-hour news cycle and the au courant malaise that grips our society. Kudos to Daniel Stern on an audacious performance and film.

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