July in Summary

Clearly I’ve taken a good bit of time off. July was such a huge month for me in terms of strip clubs visited and nerds stuffed into lockers. So, I had no time to be diddlin’ the keys and keepin’ you up to date on all things cinema.

Clearly, foremost on everyone’s mind from July is Inception. A critical and box office success for Chris Nolan. I saw it, I really liked it. No need to dwell on it, better critics have said far more than I and the movie has been out for more than a month.

Next up, The Other Guys, go see it. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay at their best. If you like Will Ferrell’s style you’ll love this flick. The thing that I was most surprised by was the ability to make a PG-13 comedy not feel like it was lacking bite. A funny flick all around.

What else… Let’s see… That should about cover it. No wait. Predators! Go see that too. A worthy entry in the franchise and far superior to the AVP films.


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