It feels good to be right…

Many of you may have been upset last week when I chose not to view Jonah Hex and insisted it was going to be a turd. First of all, how dare you, I am a very busy person and I was at home doing extremely important things last Wednesday when I wasn’t at the theater watching that movie…

Anyway, vindication is the word of the day as Jonah Hex is currently tracking a mind-numbing 12% on Rotten Tomatoes. Sometimes you’re right in this business and it’s only appropriate to point it out and revel in it for weeks when it happens. Although, to be honest, predicting that Jonah Hex was gonna be shitty is like looking at Lindsay Lohan after her third cocaine arrest and saying “Hmm, I don’t know what it is but I don’t think she’s headed in the right direction.” Duh, the movie had a semi-automatic crossbow and horse mounted Gatling guns displayed prominently in its marketing. That’s a tramp stamp of movies.

Here though is a dissenting opinion (sort of) on Jonah Hex. Filmdrunk enjoyed Hex for its unabashed shittiness: check it.

I’m not saying I agree with this because that would mean I would have to see it but this makes it more likely that when  I happen upon Jonah Hex on Cinemax in a few months, I just might pour a stiff drink and set the remote down for a whopping 72 minute runtime.

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