Continued lack of hustle… and a Grown Ups review (sort of)

Sorry for the delay. I wanted to share some thoughts before I begin a long weekend of binge drinking patriotism. I did go screen Grown Ups this week, yes really, I did this for you, not for myself. And it was exactly as bad as you knew it was going to be. I really don’t feel like this film deserves even the minimal effort I would put in to discuss it. I will discuss one scene from the film and use it as a microcosm of the entire movie. To set up the scene briefly, Adam Sandler is some sort of nouveau riche L.A. type who doesn’t want his friends to know how riche he is (I’m not sure on what exactly he does because I was twenty minutes late to the screening), anyway, so his primary concern is hiding how spoiled and obnoxious his kids and wife are. So, as they’re arriving at the lake house (the setting for the “comedy”) his son, age 14 approx., sees a regular, non flat-screen television. He inquires of Adam Sandler, “Hey dad, what is that on the back the TV?!” (pointing to the plastic encasing all the electronics) Upon learning that TVs have not always been flat-screens the 14 year old responds “Wow! That’s some stone age shizznit!”

There was just such an energy and a sincerity to his portrayal of perennial underdog Paul Blart. I wish Mr. James had brought 1/10 the comedic genius to Grown Ups.

Okay, just a few thoughts before I never mention the movie Grown Ups ever again. First of all, one would have to be pretty fucking dumb to be a 14 year old that has never seen an old TV before. They still effing make them! 90 percent of homes probably still have one in there somewhere. They’re in countless films and commercials and TV shows’ he must have seen some form of media made before the year 2006. What this “comedic observation” is supposed to do is establish the disconnect between Adam Sandler’s modest childhood with his own children’s more extravagant lifestyle; this disconnect that has happened over 14 years will of course be reconciled within the film’s 100 minute runtime. What this “comedic observation” actually does is piss me off. It’s the type of joke that 40 something year old parents are supposed to hear and laugh at because they think ‘oh yes haha, my own child probably doesn’t remember when those TVs were high-tech’. The dolt’s response though is what is even more upsetting than the initial inquiry. He drops a ‘shizznit’ on the audience…I’m sorry, what? The kid who has never laid eyes on a regular TV is dropping reference to Snoop Dogg circa 2002? Now let’s remove ourselves from the reality of the film and discuss this joke in terms of its source. This joke clearly shows that Adam Sandler and Kevin James or whoever co-wrote this steaming pile are putting in something that they think a young person might say, and something that another 40 year old watching the movie in a theater would think a young person might say, so that is how you arrive at a 14 year old making a reference that he would’ve had to pick up from Snoop Dogg when he was 6 years old. (Would a 14 year old even have a concept of who Snoop Dogg  was outside of his random cameos and appearances? I have to imagine the entirety of his Death Row record days would be lost on anyone in their teens or younger). Anyway the movie sucks.

I’ll link you over to Filmdrunk and let you take a look at Vince’s re-telling of the plot using only negative critic’s reviews because I’m too lazy to bother making more fun of this movie and they do a good job over at Filmdrunk: check it

Since it’s Friday here’s a few fun things to peruse on the interwebs.

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