Finally a worthy Sequel!

As we all know, most sequels suck. But every now and again we are given a gift by the movie studio gods. A film so promising that I’m ready to crown it already as champion of sequels. I am of course referring to the movie Valentine’s Day, now I know there is some ‘spiritual sequel’ in the works called New Year’s Eve but that’s not what I’m referring too. There is a plan to make a true sequel to this excellent film, and that plan is so ambitious that they are actually skipping Valentine’s Day 2 and going ahead and calling this Valentine’s Day 3. I have been granted an exclusive look at the poster for the upcoming film and I think it looks like they’re taking the film in some exciting directions. Injecting new blood while keeping the core of what made the first film so outstanding. Take a look…

I really should've spent less time making this photo, and more time talking to women or something.


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