USC football- Ruminations on a Punishment

So USC gets hammered by the NCAA for a laundry list of violations, mostly involving Reggie Bush and Orange Juice Mayonnaise OJ Mayo, and I know the word ‘ruminations’ in the title hinted at deep analytical thought on the future of the USC program and the blurry line between amateur and pro in a sport that makes millions of dollars for everyone except the people who put ACL’s on the line every Saturday. You will not receive this though, you will receive the usual drivel interspersed with pictures to make the articles look longer and more professional.

Reggie Bush accepting illegal lion cub compensation from a prominent USC booster. Despicable.

So long story short, just in case there’s some confusion as to how it all went down. Reggie Bush receives an unknown amount of monetary and other compensation (house for mom, travel to and from games for family, etc. etc.) from an agent. This is common and is done by the agent with the understanding that Reggie will sign with this agent when he becomes a pro.  Reggie, however, does not hold up his end of the bargain and signs with another agent leaving this dude just plum out of luck. Now, this is also not uncommon but usually the agents don’t do anything about it because to seek compensatory payments from the athlete would be to admit to your own illegal actions.

This hard-working blue collar player be so vain as to put his beloved university at risk? Not the Reggie Bush I know, no sir.

However, the agent in this instance, just says ‘fuck it, you’re a dick, and I’m pissed’ so he takes Reggie to court for the money he gave to Bush and his family. The case is settled out of court within days of the suit being filed. However, Pandora’s proverbial vag is opened and the facts of the case are exposed with the lawsuit filed in open court; the NCAA has a strong place to start the investigation where in these cases they usually do not. Skip forward a few years and the hammer gets dropped on USC.

Under the table payments from boosters and agents? Steroid use? How dare you even suggest such things! I demand evidence! Btw, how did Plaid Shorts McDouche sneak into this photo?

My only comment is that all the parties involved in the case are gone. So the NCAA sanctions effect them not, and USC’s current players who are not guilty of this (yet) suffer the punishments. And also, if you think that USC is the only school with players on the take then perhaps my friend, Douchey Salesman, might be able to interest you in an extended warranty on those rose colored glasses?

"Ohai, did someone order a Douchey Salesman?" ..."Oh you already found someone for the role?" ..."Okay well I'll just be behind this giant white sign doing coke if you need me."

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