Sidekick of the Week

Back with another episode of Sidekick of the Week. There are obviously many things that make a person man a great sidekick, he must be dependable, loyal, funny and competent enough to adequately assist the hero but not so competent that he supersedes his status of sidekick to become a full fledged hero. With this in mind I have a great sidekick for today…

James Belushi in Red Heat! Red Heat doesn’t get the credit it rightly deserves as a badass actioner up there with the best of Schwarzenegger’s many badass actioners. Red Heat is the tale of a Russian, excuse me, Soviet cop who comes to Chicago to chase the drug dealin’ Russian baddie who has eluded the long dick of the law thus far. Now kudos to the casting department of this movie for realizing that only the beloved star Arnold could play a Soviet Commie and not have the 1988 American audiences storm out in anger. Arnold deftly leaves his native Austrian accent behind in favor of a more rural Russian tongue, because if there’s one thing American audiences care about it, it’s properly accented foreigners in Hollywood action films.

Now, to address Mr. Belushi. I know many of you are saying “Hey! He was more of a co-starring role! Sidekick my ass!” Well, I struggled with this. I know his screen time and presence is that of a co-star not a sidekick, but I think that when it comes down to it, Arnold shares the action spotlight with no man. Look at a film like Predator. That movie is chock full of totally buff, awesome dudes, but is there any doubt who the star of that film is? Methinks not. And if Carl Weathers and The Body couldn’t steal Arnold’s thunder than James Belushi would be lucky to wipe Arnold’s ass after taco night at the craft service table. So Mr. Belushi is a sidekick, and an able and wise-crackin’ sidekick he is.

If your name isn't on the top of the poster along with his, then homie, you ain't on his level.

The cigarette and cup of coffee is really all you need to know about Mr. Belushi’s devotion to fitness and training. But Arnold is buff enough for the both of them so who needs bulging pectorals when you can smoke cigs and crack jokes like Mr. Belushi.

This movie is chock full of memorable scenes. Who could forget Arnold’s nude bath house coal grip test. Or one of the most extreme examples of damn good police work…

This much cocaine stored in my fake leg is Russian for, "I'm here to party"

He somehow knew the jagoff piano player’s false leg would be stuffed with cocaine. And that cocaine wouldn’t be bagged or anything; these guys must love partying to have so much cocaine that you just have it loose inside a guy’s fake leg. John Belushi made a quick cameo to make this face as all that cocaine was unceremoniously poured out on the ground…

Zing. Also, make sure and not miss super hottie Gina Gershon doing some working out during the movie…

Welcum to the Babezone. Population: Gina Gershon

Congrats to Mr. Belushi for this prestigious award.

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