Tractor Traylors

"Does anyone know where I can find quality meth at bargain prices?"

This is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer for me. And not because I’m assuming it will be good. Robert Rodriguez is the “creative producer” as Fox termed it and the film will be helmed by Nimrod Antal. Other than the obvious “his name is funny” jokes I can add nothing to the discussion about Mr. Antal. I think there is definitely the potential here to make an interesting film, especially with the first screen take on Predator homeworld. Though if this movie gets a PG-13 rating I’m going to throw myself off a bridge in utter disgust. Watching a PG-13 Predator movie is like watching the soft-core version of Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge that is available at Blockbuster, it’s just not the same dammit.

Machete red band trailer

Enjoy this one friends. More Robert Rodriguez and a leading role for Danny Trejo is always welcome in my opinion. I’m not sure that the gimmick of this film can effectively play out over a 90 min or more runtime but if it does this could be an epically awesome watch.

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