Official Brundlefly Certificate of Recognition

I want to do something now that I have not done on the site before and that is to congratulate and point out a job well done with an official Seth Brundle Recognition of Achievement. Today, I’m awarding this to an actor who I appreciate both on and off the screen.

This is the face of a man that hates Hollywood bullsh*t and mandatory minimums

Mickey Rourke is an an actor never hesitant to speak his mind and call ’em like he sees ’em. And since I tend to agree with a lot of the things he says I find his honesty and viewpoint refreshing and valuable in a Hollywood so full of bullsh*t. Mickey Rourke has obviously been on something of a roll after the great success of The Wrestler and a leading role in some movie called Iron Man 2. He’s an interesting actor with a lot of quotes that very few, if any, notable Hollywood stars would have the balls to say. A choice few:

  • For 12 years I was alone, I had lost everything. The three people closest to me – my brother, my grandmother and my ex-wife – were no longer there. I had no real friends. I saw a few girls, Russian strippers mostly, but I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend.
  • I heard someone say Hollywood’s a celebration of mediocrity, which rings pretty true to me.
  • I really only want to work with material that has integrity, and with actors and directors that I respect. You know, people like Tony Scott, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino – there’s a shortlist.
  • I was bouncing at a transvestite nightclub… and back then all the transvestites were on this sh*t called Angel Dust, so you’d hit them over the head with a baseball bat but they’d keep on coming.
  • Actors should shut up about politics, because they tend to be ill-informed finger-pointers who just cozy up to some flavor-of-the-month liberal, you know?

I appreciate and agree with these words, especially the ones about the angel dust fueled transvestites. A book written by him could be very enjoyable and insightful. There’s a book coming out about him soon but seeing as how it isn’t written even in part by Rourke I imagine it’ll be a lot less awesome.

I thought the movie was just mediocre but I really thought Rourke's character was awesome. Easily the highlight of the film for me.

Rourke was the best part about Iron Man 2 and he has a number of upcoming projects that are worth keeping your eyes open for. What I appreciate about Rourke is his honesty. He does movies he doesn’t like, and says so. He does movies strictly because of the money offered, and says so. I won’t ever hold making money against someone but do not take a role in Old Dogs or Furry Vengeance and then announce these are in any way good movies that have any positive or redeeming values. If Brendan Fraser would come out for his Furry Vengeance press conferences drunk and discussing how he “really wanted more things to hit him in the crotch because guys gettin’ hit in the dick is f*ckin’ hilarious” I would laugh along with him and maybe even go see the movie (ed. note: I would never see this movie). More honesty in entertainment would be so refreshing and I reward Mickey Rourke for doing just that. May the gods be with you Mickey Rourke.

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