Smack Talk-For Gentlemen Eyes Only

But rather than have a boring paragraph of insults i thought i would try to mix things up a bit. we’re going to try out this idea for a gameshow i have. the show is based on notre dame’s beloved head coach and former patriots o coordinator (who doesnt just fucking love the gawddam pats). Let’s Begin shall we…

Welcome to tonight’s show! I’m your host, Chad Farthouse. Let’s not dilly dally as I know you’re all anxious to see what we’ve got in store for you!
So lets play…NAME!! THAT!! FUPA!! (Hold for applause)

Okay, I’m going to show you a picture and you have to guess who this fupa belongs to. okay, are you ready? (hold for contestant response) Here it is…

3…2…1…Response please…

Oooh, I’m sorry it actually isn’t Rosie o’Donnell. This fupa belongs to…

Mark Mangino!! Okay that first one was tough. Let’s keep playing shall we?

Onward! Okay, here is your next fupa…

3…2…1…Response Please.

Aghhh! Wrong Again. This one does not belong to Alexis Arquette.

This fupa belongs to…

Kathy Griffin. Gross. Let’s move on before we all vomit on our computer screens.

One more fupa before we move on to Final Fupa-rdy.

Are you ready? here it is…

Tough one…3…2…1…Response please…

Oooh, I’m sorry, Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage is incorrect. This fupa belongs to…

Michelle Wii (sp?).

Okay now the moment of truth, Final Fupa-rdy.

Here is your clue…

Take your time. Study the fupa. Notice the gentle hills and subtle stretching of the front pleats, imagine the probable muffin top that is just off screen. Are you ready to answer?

You are almost certainly correct. It’s Charlie Weis.

A fupa for the ages. Enjoy your severance package, douchebag.

Now, for those of you that got all the questions right, I have a special treat for you. A night with this man…

Now for those that weren’t lucky enough to get all the fupa clues correct, you won’t be leaving empty handed. You will receive a night with this man…

Remember you lost, that is why you are being punished with such a cruel and ironic man gift. Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “Hey so either win or lose, we’re getting a night with a man?” Yes.

Goodnight, folks, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Smack Talk-For Gentlemen Eyes Only”

  1. what does fupa stand for?

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