Tractor Traylor Approved


Hmmm, nothing is more enticing and disgusting than a new Saw movie. And obviously I don’t mean disgusting like I don’t want to watch suckas get tortured to death (lord knows I love a good torture/murder) I mean disgusting like this is the sixth fucking saw movie. And enticing because these movies can be really awesome. As long as you define awesome as a movie containing gratuitous violence and profanity.

Saw 1: good but not great, a little overrated in my opinion. Saw 2: Balls, meet chin, as in this movie sucks dick. Saw 3: I may be totally crazy but I liked this movie, gruesome but with an interesting narrative to move it along. Saw 4: Also liked this one a lot. Same strengths as 3. Saw 5: Bad. No me gusta. So only time will tell whether my patience and inexplicable devotion to these movies is to be rewarded.

This I like. Has the potential to be really funny. However, when one mixes Hollywood, the military and comedy us non fart sniffing hippies tend to dislike the results. This movie had better realize George W is out of office and we don’t need to be assaulted with elitist douche comedy (Hi Jon Stewart). Just make a funny picture and leave your politics at the door.

I know the internet is supposed to be anonymous but as a white male who has grown up in a fairly sheltered environment I think I can honestly predict I might understand 5% of the jokes in this movie. It looks really clever and funny but I just don’t think I’m the target audience. It’s like Kat Williams’ comedy, I’ll just have to take your word that it’s funny because I certainly don’t get it.

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