TNT’s Monstervision

If you are like me then some of your earliest memories of being so excited for late night tv do not involve skinemax but rather a good ole boy named Joe Bob Briggs and some great flicks. Monstervision was the show that taught me to love crappy movies. Monstervision showed me that it is okay to want to watch teenagers murdered by masked men wielding gardening equipment. Monstervision gave me a reason to stay up late and ignore my parents orders to go to sleep. Quite simply, I love Monstervision. It inspired and directed my watching and appreciation for the movies I watch and appreciate to this day. I have only the greatest memories of being up all night watching Monstervision Friday the 13th or Godzilla marathons or Phantasm II.Yea this post sounds a little lame but I really wish that show was still on.

Here is where you can currently find Joe Bob Briggs:



Here are some choice vids to remind you of yesteryear…

Drive in totals were absolutely a highlight of the show. If you haven’t seen Phantasm II this vid makes little to no sense but then if you haven’t seen Phantasm II I don’t care about you or your opinion.

I would include all 15 parts to the commentary from the Friday the 13th marathon but that would be space inefficient. So here is the search results page which should easily bring it all up on youtube for your enjoyment. You’re welcum.

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