Maybe they’re not so talented

Here we are, back with another shocking career gone wrong. How does it happen that the young and so promising can go so wrong? It’s quite disturbing to be perfectly honest. Today’s subject of discussion/victim…

james_van_der_beekJames friggin Van Der Beek. The bane of every boy who grew up having to hear about how sensitive and cute the guys on Dawson’s Creek were and why can’t you be more like them? Well, Mr. Van Der Beek it appears the shoe is on the other foot as I am the wildly popular internet author du jour and you are doing straight to dvd “movies”.

Let’s take a chronological journey through the career of Mr. Beek. Started out very strong with a bad guy role in the classic teen film Angus. A few other small roles until the proverbial gold mine was found in 1998 with the leading role in Dawson’s Creek. I’m sure most of us unfortunately remember but this was a huge deal for teens and preteens. This show was obnoxiously popular and made Mr. Beek a huge star ready to smash into Hollywood.  Next came the starring role in Varsity Blues, you will never hear anything but exuberant praise from me for this fantastic movie so things are still looking good for Mr. Beek. Next up is another starring role in The Rules of Attraction, a movie that I really like and thus am counting this as a positive step in his career. Another leading role in the movie Texas Rangers, which while it sucked balls it starred Usher, Ashton Kutcher and James Van Der Beek so was clearly meant to be an awesome movie with Hollywood’s youngest leading men in it. And then the iceberg struck this Hollywood pleasure cruise. 2003 brought the end to Dawson’s Creek and apparently the end to any interest in putting James Van Der Beek in movies. dawsons-ugly-cryJames, you can make the ugly crying face all you want but that won’t change things. Since Dawson’s Creek has ended his resume reads like a CBS Thursday lineup (and that is in no way a compliment). One or two episode stints on Criminal Minds, How I Met Your Mother, Ugly Betty, One Tree Hill, and Medium. Throw in some tv movie of the weeks and a straight to dvd actioner or two and you have a solidly crappy six years of work. And I just don’t see this train going anywhere but in the same craptastic direction. Good luck Mr. Beek, you’ll need it.


A glimpse into a very likely future for Mr. Beek.


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