Bad Guy of the Week

I promised a follow up piece on Brian Thompson’s performance in Cobra and so I won’t screw around with clever lead ins for this weeks winner. Here he is:

night slasherThe Night Slasher from Cobra!! Cobra never gets the attention that a movie that badass deserves. It easily stands up with Stallone’s best work and outside of Rocky and Rambo is his most memorable character. The movie is extremely awesome and chock full of badass attitude and violence. Brian Thompson’s performance as the super bad Night Slasher is exceptional and that is why he is getting this week’s nod. While it is obviously based on Richard Ramirez the Night Stalker, to me though, the Night Slasher sounds a little more intimidating because stalking does not necessarily mean attacking whereas the Night Slasher makes it pretty clear he’s going to cut you up with that hard ass knife with the spikey handle. The exceptionally chiseled jaw of Mr. Thompson allows for a scowl that would make even Gregory Peck master of the scowl think twice about his actions. The Night Slasher not only enjoyed giving the business to random civilians but he was in favor of a complete overhaul of society in favor of a new anarchical system. While the movie never gets into the specific politics of the Night Slasher’s proposed societal restructuring I can only imagine it would not benefit those currently drawing Social Security and Medicare benefits.

bthompsonHere are some of the various disguises used by the Night Slasher during the movie though I must say that no matter how he spins it he doesn’t seem to appear as anything but a really pissed off and really buff dude. I’m thinking disguise or not with his demeanor he’s going to draw attention. But that is what makes him such a good bad guy. He tries to avoid suspicion by dying his hair jet black, slicking it back and murdering people in a hospital. What a dick, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Congratulations on the win. Here are some Cobra videos, the final fight scene with Sly is included along with a random but awesome music video.

Bad Guy of the Week Runner-Up:

busfieldfirst kid

Timothy Busfield in First Kid!! While secret service agent Woods makes a damn good effort at being named bad guy of the week by drinking irresponsibly and trying to kidnap the president’s son he goes about it all wrong. His whole creepy instant messenger approach to the kidnapping is what really disappointed me and ultimately lead to a runner-up finish. While it is certainly acceptable to pursue underage kids on the internet via instant messaging it’s just better to be creepy and disgustingly forward with the kids. Take notes while watching To Catch a Predator, these guys don’t fuck around with innuendo and subtlety. They don’t pretend to be anything other than the 35-year-old perverts that they are. Bad Guys of the Week may be bad but they should not be shameful of this fact for it only constrains their ability to act bad. Had Mr. Busfield said openly he was a 40-year-old alcoholic looking for a little fun and revenge and then kidnapped the president’s son he would be a clear winner, but dishonesty has no place in this bad guy hall of fame.

Here is the finale of the movie and note the possible birth of bullet time.

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