Movie Review- Zombieland

ZombielandI really do not need to spend a ton of space talking about this movie. The simple review is that this movie is awesome. It is really funny, really violent, really gory and something you should definitely check out. The story is simply that of various survivors of the zombie holocaust banding together and traveling around killin’ zombies. Nothing fancy there. The cast is great too. Woody Harrelson is perfect, Jesse Eisenberg nails the role of the quirky paranoid loser, Emma Stone continues to baffle me as to whether she’s hot or not and Abigail Breslin is suitable as the younger sister of Emma Stone. There is also a great cameo in the movie that I won’t spoil but suffice to say that this scene provides the best laughs of the movie. The make-up and gore effects are very enjoyable and while the gore is not completely over the top it will not leave you wanting. This is really not the type of movie that benefits from complex analysis or the simple “analysis” that I do so I’ll wrap it up (always a good idea) and just say go see this movie.

Judge for yourself this great dilemma of the eyes…



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