Movie Review- The Informant!

the-informantModerately In-depth Review: The Informant! stars Mr. Matty Damon as an agribusiness vice president who becomes involved with the FBI’s investigation into international price fixing schemes. Based on a true story but I haven’t researched the true story even briefly (did not even wikipedia it) so I have no take on the movie’s faithfulness to the tale that inspired it. I’ll start with my gripes about the movie, which will allow us to end positively with my praises. Gripes: the movie’s third act really drags and the conclusion is obvious yet we still have to watch thirty more minutes of it being slowly unraveled. For me a little bigger and swifter conclusion would have served the movie better than the smaller and longer one it went with. Another gripe, the movie went for a very early to mid nineties look to match the time it was set in but I think they might have gone overboard a bit. I thought the film took place in the seventies until Matt Damon started driving around in a Porsche that was from the nineties. Granted, I didn’t spend a lot of time in Illinois in the 90’s but I think my point has some validity. Though overall, the color schemes, set design and costuming did give the film a unique feel which I appreciated and enjoyed. That was a nice parlay into my praises of the movie so here we go. Matt Damon first and foremost carried this movie on his shoulders very effectively. From his voiceovers throughout to his appearance in nearly every scene it was truly Matt Damon’s movie and he performed very well. The supporting cast was very good as well. A lot of comedians, Patton Oswalt, Paul F. Tompkins, Joel McHale, and Tony Hale (Buster from AD, not sure if he’s a comedian) just to name some of them. Interestingly, these actors all play pretty straight roles and most of the laughs come from Matt Damon and Scott Bakula. I liked Steven Soderbourgh’s directing, he is always reliable and does no differently here. This movie is an interesting and well made comedy-drama. Check it out but know it’s not too heavy on the comedy so don’t be expecting much of a farce.

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