A slightly belated tribute to one rad dude

swayzeI know this is a little late for a tribute but I had to put this out here because I won’t allow the news media to trick people into believing that “Patrick Swayze, star of Ghost and Dirty Dancing has passed away”. False. Wrong. Nope. Actually, “Patrick Swayze, star of Point Break, The Outsiders, Red Fucking Dawn, Roadhouse and To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar has passed away. I bet Swayze would be up in Heaven or in the fields of Elysium or wherever just livid if he were to know that the only films of his people mentioned were Dirty Dancing and Ghost. Luckily he’s zipping around the galaxy and isn’t bothering to watch Fox News and CNN lunch hour headlines. But I have been, and I haven’t been happy. We lost a certifiable badass and not because he starred in Dirty Dancing or Ghost. Red Dawn kicks more ass in its ninety minute runtime than Floyd Mayweather even dreams of kicking in a lifetime. And Point Break, Ha!, there is literally and absolutely nothing wrong with that movie. It’s perfect. Schindler’s List, eh, good but a few flaws to point out. Point Break, perfect. Roadhouse is like taking a cycle of HGH. I get such a chub watching Swayze kick asses and restore order in that movie. But it isn’t blood engorging my member, it’s testosterone and respect for Swayze. So on that loving note I’ll end this tribute and leave you with a few vids to remember the man’s work by.


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