Movie Review- Pandorum

Pandorum Motion PosterQuick Review: I went into this one without a good idea of what it was about but that can often be better and I was surprised by a much better movie than I expected. It’s tense and interesting, the acting is good and the creature makeup is very cool. Check this sci-fi thriller out and be pleasantly surprised.

Full Review: I was really not too excited when I strolled into my local cinema to check this movie out. The first previews made it look more suspenseful and interesting a la aliens but later trailers showcased more the crazy action and made it look like every other crap sci-fi flick that has been released in the last few years. However, I’m happy to report that the movie plays out suspensefully like Alien for the first half hour or so then becomes more like Aliens with more fight and chase sequences with the very creepy and well done creatures. Big points for this movie for not taking the pussy way out and making all the creatures digital. The makeup and creature design is really top notch and adds to the movie rather than distracting me and pissing me off (ahem, I Am Legend). The plot is also very engaging, you are not force fed everything at once but rather you discover answers as the charcters themselves do and this helps to keep the narrative moving so the flick doesn’t devolve into mindless action for no discernible purpose. I have a minor gripe and I’ll try to discuss it without ruining the ending but the whole concept of “Pandorum” as it’s used in the movie is awkwardly introduced and doesn’t seem entirely necessary to make this movie good. It feels a bit extraneous as it serves no purpose until the end; it is really my least favorite part of this movie because its very contrived and just unnecessary. But that gripe does not spoil the whole movie by any means and I would recommend this flick to action or sci-fi fans.


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