The Highlights of 100


Well well well. This is the 100th post here on Brundlefly and I am excited to say that because I never thought we could do it. No one did though, no one believed that if two Malysian hermaphrodite prostitutes worked as drug mules for the Triads and then faked their own deaths in order to stay in America, stole and sold the drugs that supposedly were destroyed in their fiery fake car wreck and used the money to buy a computer all in order to put their twisted thoughts on the internet that anyone would even read it. But with over 2000 unique hits it can be thoroughly concluded that a minuscule portion of the population is kind of interested in this site and that is all the motivation I need to fucking abandon this bullshit and go back to sucking dick for money and binging on pain pills and Will & Grace dvds keep it up for 100 more!!

Well I couldn’t think of anything really funny to say or do here so I’ll just post some stuff that I like.

Fuck Larry the Cable Guy. I realize that these roasts are supposed to be in good fun but since Greg Giraldo and Nick Dipaolo are funny and Larry the Cable Guy isn’t funny but makes ass tons more money than them I hope they actually hate him and said those things truthfully, hatefully and from the heart.

And I’ll end with one of my favorite moments from Seinfeld. The Summer of George! Take the Costanza approach to things and you can’t go wrong.

Who knew a picture could so thoroughly sum up four years of University education.

Who knew a picture could so thoroughly sum up four years of University education.


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