Movie Review: The Hurt Locker

the-hurt-locker-posterSo as you can see from the reviews on the poster, I had pretty high hopes heading into the theater last night. Needless to say I was a little worried, having been disappointed over and over again this summer, but I knew this already had a different feel to it.

This movie does not disappoint, from start to finish this is one of the most intense films I have ever seen. The action is perfectly paced and is paired along very well with the great acting from the all the movies stars, including smaller parts from Ralph Fiennes and David Morse (who I think may appear in something around 95% of the movies ever filmed, seriously this guy is in everything).



I don’t really want to get into any details but if you’ve seen the trailers you know that the film follows an elite army unit in Iraq that disarms different explosives. It really explores what drives guys like this over in Iraq and what shakes them at the same time, but what makes it such a great movie is that it balances things like this along with fantastic action sequences. The acting really is top notch, Jeremy Renner kicks ass as Sergeant Will James, and I recently read he’s up for the lead in Mad Max 4, which only increases my man crush on him.

This is easily the best movie I’ve seen all summer (but keep in mind I haven’t made it to see G-Force yet so take that with a grain of salt). Very intense and engaging, highly recommended.


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