My New Favorite Commercial

Alright so the commercial opens up on a rainy night, at the tail end of what appears to be a first date. Awww cute, he’s walking her to the door… AND he used his jacket to shield her from the cold rain! What a gentleman! 

“Ya know, I just got out of a bad relationship…” hmmm

“It’s ok.” OMG, could this guy be any greater?! And then he gets a goodbye kiss, and they say chivalry gets you nowhere these days? I think our friend there just scored a peck on the cheek out of that. Ok now we get another creepy shot from inside a parked car. Hmm where’s this going? You think the “bad relationship” thing was foreshadowing? I don’t know…I’m kind of skeptical, I mean the commercial started out so cute and innocent.

K, our knight in shining armor has been played off by creepy, foreboding music and the shot of another male, I don’t think this is going to end well for little miss prude.

*20 sec. mark* KAPOW, is this guy on the SWAT team or something, I mean Jesus he just did that after walking through the rain. Like he couldn’t have got good traction against the door and yet he still bashed the door in. That’s impressive, too bad he appears to be a vengeful sociopath.CUE ALARM!

“GET OUT!” aaaaand he’s gone. Well that was rather uneventful, you thought he’d at least let out a primal scream or something like “YOU WHORE!” 

Dispatcher: “Is everything ok?”

Stupid girl: “No, my ex-boyfriend just kicked in the front door…but luckily he’s very obedient and a great listener, so when I told him to get out he just turned around and left.”

Also, am I the only one who thought Broadview Security headquarters looked a little over the top and high tech? I mean I know sometimes people’s lives are at stake when dealing with an alarm system, but do they get government funding or something?

The Broadview Security staff at headquarters

The Broadview Security staff at headquarters


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