Tractor Traylor Approved Trailers

You know the rules around the Brundlefly offices, we do not post trailers unless they are “Tractor Traylor Approved” Trailers. So, let’s turn it over to Mr. Traylor,

Do you think they gonna let me plead down to a misdemenor?

Do you think they gonna let me plead down to a misdemenor?

First up,

Awesome, I’d pay ten bucks to watch Leo eat a cheese sandwich if Scorsese filmed it. So getting an entire awesome horror thriller of these two is like when you stay at a  Holiday Inn Express and the manager gives you a free night’s stay for construction that was going on but the construction didn’t even bother you so who just hit the jackpot? This guy. Maybe I’ll go out of town to see Shutter Island and stay at a Holiday Inn Express for free.


Sorry I tried to find a trailer of this without the intro from the annoying c-word but all the other ones are in Swedish or whatever. Enjoy.

Holy Nuremberg Trials Batman! This movie is going to kick so much ass. It’s as if a Norwegian guy came to my house and said “Hey, you’re a well endowed and rich dude, what are your favorite things?” And I responded with, “Extreme winter sports, slutty European chicks, extreme acts of violence, National Socialism, and Zombies.” And then he said, “Okay I’m going back to Denmark to make a movie with all of those things in it. The movie will be a commercial success in my native Holland and then will be shown at Sundance where it will receive many prizes and will be optioned by a larger American studio and at some point be in limited release in New York and LA and then later will be available on DVD and Blu-ray via Netflix where you may then enjoy it.” To which I will say, “Jeez, seems kind of roundabout but whatever, bro-ski”

I saw one comment on the trailer on Youtube that said, “This movie is better then (sic) the Doom movie.” Let’s certainly hope so, that movie was a giant turd. This wasn’t necessary to mention but bad grammar and positive references to the movie Doom anger me and “you won’t like me when I’m angry” -Kirstie Alley, upon being told the bakery only had low fat cream cheese remaining. Zing!

One Response to “Tractor Traylor Approved Trailers”

  1. Nick Nolte Says:

    I would like to submit this trailer for Mr. Traylor’s approval:

    Thank you.


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