Watchmen Review


I do, when I'm bored and there's nothing else on TV on Monday nights

Since there was a rerun of Daisy of Love and Charm School (*sigh) I was forced to check out the OnDemand section of my digital cable late last night. And what did I find? That at the stroke of midnight Watchmen became available, and since I had heard so much hoopla, yes hoopla, about this movie and the graphic novel that it was made after I thought I’d give it a shot. At the worst it would be aesthetically pleasing, with bright colors and Malin Akerman boobs, which of course, she shows.

I won’t get into any real details of the movie, because it was way too long and crap but I’ll give it it’s due. It’s got a pretty cool plot that at times seems a convoluted, you can definitely tell they jumped around from each issue of the original graphic novel, because there are definitely some scenes where the plot seems to take a step or two back.

But for the most part it’s a pretty entertaining movie. I know all the big graphic novel fans loved the movie, and clocking in at almost 2 hrs and 45 mins I’m sure it had to have covered much of the original books. But casual film fans I know weren’t as thrilled with the movie, though like I said I enjoyed it.

With the combination of this shit all over my face and this dimly lit alley I can't see shit

With the combination of this black crap all over my face and this dimly lit alley I can't see shit

Jackie Earle Haley kicks a lot of ass in it, which gives me high hopes for the new Nightmare on Elm Street. Oh yea one thing that I found kind of disconcerting was the fact that Billy Crudup is practically ass naked the entire movie. and blue. and glowing.

But once I thought about how much Adam Morrison looks like Billy Crudup in Almost Famous and how Adam Morrison is a complete bust and didn’t even dress out for the Lakers in the Finals this year I got over the abundance of male nudity and laughed.




One Response to “Watchmen Review”

  1. Chomy D. Puddy Says:

    3 FUCKING HOURS! are you kidding me.. a good movie.. but there is no way i would ever want to watch it again.

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