A Movie You Should Be Marginally Excited For

Here’s a film that might end up raping your eyes with mediocrity when it’s released. I realize I’m not breaking any news with this trailer but here it and my thoughts on it are regardless of timing.

I know most movie geeks are into Tarantino but I’m a little hesitant here. I feel like people have been telling Tarantino he’s a genius and his style is revolutionary and this and that for so long that Tarantino started to believe them. Then in order to live up to this praise he had to start emulating himself and in a weird way he is headed towards being a mockery of his own style. Much like Al Pacino made his bones wowing audiences with scenes of rage and yelling,

Side note: This is easily in my top five favorite movie moments, Pacino kicks so much ass in this scene it’s almost unbearable to watch. It makes me feel like a big blubbering vagina to know I’ve never struck a woman with such awesome fury.

Anyway, so after scenes like this he just starts to yell because it still sounds badass and everyone likes it but by the time Devil’s Advocate rolls around twenty years later it’s kind of ridiculous and seems like he’s doing an impression of himself.

That’s where I fear Tarantino is headed. Death Proof was a turd, it was painful to sit through. It was like a shitty writer and director trying to make a Tarantino movie; it was like Tony Romo in the playoffs, just fumbles and poor decisions. And the word from the Cannes premiere was that it was life imitates art as Basterds pulled a Medellin and crowds walked away confused and upset by what they had been subjected to. Reportedly Tarantino is going to recut the film before its release. I don’t want it to be bad, I would much rather see a Reservoir Dogs type flick than a Death Proof type suck fest convention, but I fear we may be in for a disappointment.


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