Be(a)st of the Weekend

Hope everyone’s having as crappy a Monday as I am, apparently key remotes stop working after you drop them in a cup of sweet tea by accident.

Anyway, in case you suck and didn’t watch UFC 100 Saturday night you missed what may have been the greatest display of MAN since the last Michael Beihn film. The UFC heavyweight champ and overall utter and complete bad ass Brock Lesnar curbstomped Frank Mir in the main event and was then rewarded for his fantastic effort with a shower of boos from the Mandalay Bay crowd.

Lesnar entering the arena

Lesnar entering the arena

After giving the adoring crowd a Michael Vick-esque two finger salute, Lesnar went on to give one of the most heartfelt and emotional speeches in sports history since Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech at Yankee Stadium decades ago. Just take a look for yourself , if you don’t shed a tear during this, well my friend, you may not have a soul.

I haven’t been this choked up since Shawn’s dad passed away on Boy Meets World.

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