Movie of the Week

This week’s must see film is a real gem. From Academy Award winning director Peter Jackson comes this film detailing the struggle of a man whose overbearing mother is bitten by the rare Sumatran Rat Monkey and she becomes a zombie and then (you should need no more convincing after the words “Rat Monkey” and “zombie” were used).


This movie kicks so much ass it pains me stop watching it even long enough to write a post about it. Between this movie and Freaks of Cock free preview vids you’re looking at like 97% of the things I watch in my spare time. There really are so many badass moments but one really sticks out and that is the scene when the zombie baby (who is of course the love zombie of a priest and a nun’s posthumous coitus) rips a woman’s head apart and loves doing it about as much as I love watching it. Here’s a pic of this heartwarming scene:



Awesome. And I know what you’re thinking, “Man, this movie looks effin sweet but I need to see some footage before I run out and buy a copy of this movie.” Here you go:

That scene requires no set up or explanation and none will be given. If that didn’t just rock your world then check your pulse, pal.

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