Your Weekly Virginia Woolf Update

This is the first time Miss Woolf has gotten a shoutout on Brundlefly, but it is not to her that I devote my thoughts and energies today. 


One of the top 5 fictional players of all time

One of the top 5 fictional players of all time

I am of course writing about Virginia Woolf’s immensely gifted and teenage son, Teen Woolf, er, Wolf. This movie is so perfectly 80’s and it kills me that I wasn’t around for these types of goodtimes. Watching Teen Wolf is a preferable activity to basically anything other than my Megan Fox’s trash sifting sessions in Beverly Hills on thursdays after dark. In fact, I found myself at a charity basketball game for the Make A Wish Foundation (Booooring) but luckily I was dressed to the nines in gear that would say, “Yea, I’m here but I’d rather be at home nude watching Teen Wolf than playing in this cake league snoozefest. Does anyone have any cocaine?” Here’s a picture of me in that basketball tournament:


On the way home from that charity basketball tournament I got pulled over by LA county’s finest, normally I would be concerned but thankfully I was extremely intoxicated, had a car full of drugs, and was wearing this shirt:


"Is there a problem, Officer?"

"Is there a problem, Officer?"

Needless to say, the officer took one look at the shirt, we shared a long chuckle and I was on my way with a shiny new Jr detective badge glimmering back from my shirt. Well, to quote Teen Wolf Scott Howard himself, “Boof, I can’t help it if the whole school’s gone wolf crazy.” 

This is a great picture and I can’t imagine why it isn’t a major part of Nike or the Lakers’ advertising.


'Nuff Said

'Nuff Said


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