Sidekick of the Week

I like doing the weekly awards to recognize film excellence and maybe at some point we’ll get our act together and award all the weekly awards on the same day and not the current system of “whenever I get so tired of watching youjizz vids that I literally have to do something else so at least the site has a chance to post new vids so I might as well update the blog” That system has worked fine for generations of men so don’t expect rapid changes. 

Sidekick of the Week. A good sidekick is a must for all but the lonerest of lone ranger heroes. As anyone can say how much easier a road trip is with a solid co-pilot, that is how much easier the plight of the hero becomes with a great sidekick. We will keep awarding sidekick of the week and no sidekick will be dismissed without thorough review.

So without further ado, this week’s sidekick of the week:


Like Scottie Pippen to Richie Rich's Jordan

Like Scottie Pippen to Richie Rich's Jordan

Cadbury from Richie Rich. Easy decision really, the guy is an unwavering tower of support and British snobbery. While the Man-Child relationship is always somewhat awkward with all the NAMBLA undertones waiting in the periph this movie nails (pun intended) the adult man preteen boy relationship,I mean really pulls it out off. 

richie_rich3Not just any man is trusted to command a Rolls Royce full of preteens with actor John Larroquette hog tied to the hood, but Cadbury is.

RichieRich1Who is that effortlessly holding a silver platter with a child on it…Cadbury, that’s who.


Runner up for Sidekick of the Week:


"Thanks for this piece of paper, Rae Dawn"

"Thanks for this piece of paper, Rae Dawn"

Rae Dawn Chong, Arnold’s female sidekick from Commando. Though, let’s be real, Arnold could almost certainly accomplish this mission alone. She puts in a nice effort though.

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