Bad Guy of the Week

This will be the first of what will become a weekly or bi- curious weekly award here on Brundlefly. The award is the Bad Guy of the Week. This award will be limited to movie villians of the highest order.

Now, let’s not drag this on, this week’s winner is:



That’s right, folks. Mola Ram from Temple of Doom. The guy lived underneath an Indian palace and would lead his congregation in singing Indian translations of Neil Diamond songs before ripping your beating heart out and setting it on fire with his invisible cock. I have no problem putting this classic bro with a ‘tude in our bad guy hall of fame.

Runner up this week:


Angry raper tear drop tattoo guy from Alien 3. Nice try, crazy raper guy, better luck next week.


One Response to “Bad Guy of the Week”

  1. Couldn’t the ‘angry rapper’ also be confused as being either Richard B. Riddick or the girl that wants to be Richard B. Riddick from “Pitch Black”?

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